Brim's Annual

and Sustainability

Report 2023


About us

High-quality food products made from unique ingredients

Brim produces high-quality food products from fresh seafood in harmony with society and the environment. We use the latest technology in fishing and processing to increase the utilisation of the catch and to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff.

We are Brim

Our People

Brim’s powerful and dynamic team spans the entire value chain, from fishing and processing to sales and distribution. Diverse experience and expertise lay the foundation for quality, sustainable utilisation and continuous development.

The well-being and health of Brim’s employees is a priority, and the company’s policy regarding safety, the environment and well-being in the workplace is followed up with preventative measures and education. In recent decades, the company’s vessels and processing plants have been renewed with a view to improving working conditions and increasing staff safety.

Integrated Value Chain

Sustainable Fishing

Catch Quotas

Through research, long-term thinking and good collaboration between fisheries companies, the government and regulators, we can protect fish stocks for the future. Catch quotas dictate how much of each species can be fished. The Marine Research Institute provides consultation on catch quotas. In this way, we ensure that fish stocks are sustainable. The Icelandic fisheries management system enables us to plan ahead and shape the fishing so that it is cost-effective and has the least possible impact on the environment.


Fishing is a key factor when it comes to freshness and quality. With the right methods, we not only get a better and more valuable product, but we also reduce our impact on the environment. 

Vessels that meet modern requirements are equipped with equipment that makes it easier for us to search for the fish and find it quickly. Powerful cooling equipment keeps the fish fresh all the way to the processing, whether it takes place at sea or on land. New ship design and engine development result in less oil consumption and simultaneously, a lower carbon footprint.

 Brim has placed great emphasis on the renewal of the fleet and equipment on board ships to increase quality and efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.


In our processing plants, we create valuable products that end up on plates all over the world. With high-tech hardware and dedicated staff, the quality of the fish remains intact all the way to the consumer packaging.

 With innovation and product development, we achieve better utilisation of each fish fillet. This is an important link in creating more value from the resource without fishing more.

 Brim has placed great emphasis on well-equipped processing plants and renewal, both to increase the quality and utilisation of the food products that the company produces and to create a good and safe working environment for staff.

Sales & marketing

Icelandic fish is not only in competition with fish from other nations, it also strives to be the first choice of consumers when it comes to protein-rich foods products. Sales and marketing are therefore an important link in the value chain. We have had a successful partnership for many years with our main buyers and have built up a good and solid reputation during that time. Buyers can trust that quality is always paramount and process traceability is high. In addition, our products have a variety of sought-after quality and sustainability certifications.


Our products

Golden Redfish
Silver Smelt
Greenland Halibut

The Fleet

Here you can see the location of our vessels in real-time. By clicking on the blue dot on the map, you get information about the ship.

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