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Brim has decided to launch the project "Brimsskólinn."The main goal of the project is to better manage the education and career development of employees within the Brim Group.Brimsskólinn will thus be the core of the staff's professional development and at the same time a tool for them and the company's managers to seek knowledge in an organized way.The school's first steps were taken in collaboration with the Fisktechnological School in the fall of 2022. Afterwards, the aim is to strengthen the cooperation with the Technical School, e.g.about vocational training and other educational institutions that the group's activities call for and that it is important to cultivate in order to ensure the success of the employees and the company in the long term.The cooperation between Brimsskólan and LearnCove has also started to develop software that is useful for the training and education of Brims staff.That training system will be thoroughly introduced to the staff before it is put into use.




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