HB GRANDI listed on the main market of NASDAQ OMX Iceland in 2014

On 25 April 2014, trading began with shares in HB Grandi hf. on the NASDAQ OMX Iceland Main Market following a public offering of 27% of the company's shares, held by some of the biggest shareholders.
In the announcement from Nasdaq, Vilhjálmur Vilhjámsson, CEO of HB Grandi, is reported to have said that this will encourage a more dispersed ownership in the company. “This is an exciting time in HB Grandi’s history. By entering the market, we have reached our goal of being in a more dispersed ownership, and we are happy with the results of the IPO. HB Grandi is one of Iceland’s biggest fisheries companies, and we are proud to be able to offer Icelanders an opportunity to take part in the future with us.”

HB Grandi’s listing on the Main Market is a milestone in many ways,” said Pall Hardarson, President of Nasdaq OMX Iceland. “The listing marks the first switch from First North to the Main Market here in Iceland, and not least, HB Grandi is the first fisheries company to enter the Main Market in many years. It is important that one of the country’s core industries is represented on the market, giving institutional investors as well as the general public an opportunity to
invest in it. We welcome HB Grandi to the market and look forward to supporting them on their new path,” says Páll.

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