Pristine Seas

Research has shown that the ocean around Iceland is very clean and that Icelandic marine products are wholesome and nutritious. The well-being of Icelanders has always been based on the sensible and careful use of its natural resources.

Monitoring activities in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean are based on multilateral agreements and on scientific research, with emphasis placed on special Icelandic scientific research in Icelandic waters.

Brim contributes to this through its respectful treatment of the resource that is the ocean around Iceland. It is important to keep the ocean’s ecosystem in as good or better condition for future generations. The future of the company is based on this belief.


Management of the fishing grounds around Iceland is based on allocating a share of the permitted catch of various species to each vessel. The government, spearheaded by the Ministry of Fisheries, works tirelessly to ensure self-sustaining utilization of the natural resources. All decisions are based on scientific criteria and the careful work of the Marine Research Institute.
Protection of the fish in Iceland’s fishing grounds is based on three main methods:

  • Catch regulations, which are developed for each utilizable fish stock. This involves deciding yearly how large a proportion of the stocks may be allocated for fishing.
  • Regulations controlling the fishing gear. Emphasis is placed on the efficacy of the equipment used, which means that effort is made to fish only those species and sizes that are sought.
  • Protection and closing of specific areas. This means that use of certain equipment is banned in specific areas or
    the area is completely closed to fishing. This is done to protect, for example, spawning fish and the juvenile fish.

QUota (TAC)



 BRIM 2020/2021 (tonnes)

    Golden Redfish28.4%9,262
    Depp Sea Redfish28.8%3,382
    Greenland Halibut12,6%1,452
    Silver Smelt28.8%2,381
    Norwegian Cod22.4%573Allocation 2020
 Russian Cod28.5%958Allocation 2020
 Other Species
 Pelagic fish   
 Mackerel   14.6%20,157Allocation 2020 
 Herring    11.1%3,728Allocation 2020 
 Capelin 18.0% 0Allocation 2020 
 NI Herring 14.1% 12,186Allocation 2020
 Blue Whiting 20.9%48,164Allocation 2020




Deep Sea Redfish

About Our fleet

Wetfish Trawlers
Brim owns three wetfish trawlers that provide both of our groundfish processing plants with fish. They are well equipped and catch groundfish, mainly redfish, saithe and cod. Care is taken to ensure that the catch is well chilled as soon as it comes out of the ocean and that the handling of the fish on board is of the highest quality. Thus, the processing plants receive the finest quality fish, which results in the best-quality products to our customers.

Pelagic Vessels
Brim owns three pelagic vessels that provide our pelagic processing plants in Vopnafjörður and Akranes with fish. The ships are specialised in fishing pelagic fish: mackerel, herring, capelin and blue whiting. When the fish is caught, it goes into a large and well-equipped cooling tank aboard the ship. When the ship unloads its catch, the fish are pumped directly from the tanks into the processing plant. This approach ensures fresh and good fish, resulting in a product of the highest quality.

Freezer Trawlers
Brim owns two freezer trawlers. These trawlers are well equipped and catch Greenland halibut, redfish, cod, haddock, saithe, greater silver smelt and mackerel, as well as various other species. The catch is processed as soon as it is taken aboard and sorted by size and either frozen or filleted. It is also interleaved and packaged. The result is outstanding fish from the clean and unpolluted waters of Iceland.