Groundfish production

Groundfish Production in Reykjavik

The fish processing plant located in Nordurgardur, Reykjavik produces both frozen and fresh products all year round. Fresh products are shipped the same day by air or in refrigerated containers to foreign markets, and frozen products are exported in freezer containers or shipped with bulk ships.

Brim’s head offices are also in Nordurgardur where the management of the groundfish and pelagic departments as well as the finance and marketing department are located.

Frozen At Sea
Brim operates three freezer trawlers for groundfish fishing, where the catch is processed on board. The freezer 
trawlers therefore always process fish that has just been caught: Greenland halibut, redfish, cod, haddock, saithe, silver smelt and mackerel, as well as various other species. 

Pelagic production

Pelagic Production in Vopnafjörður
Brim operates a very productive freezing plant in Vopnafjorður, which specialises in processing pelagic fish: capelin, herring and mackerel. The capelin is either whole round or used for roe processing. The mackerel is either whole round or headed and gutted.The herring is either whole frozen or filleted. 

Production is seasonal: processing of capelin and capelin roe is from January to March, mackerel and Atlantic herring from July to September and Icelandic herring from October to the end of the year.

Pelagic Production in Akranes

Brim operates a pelagic fish processing plant in Akranes that specializes in capelin roe. The plant only operates during the capelin season, in February and March. The premises are specifically designed and the staff specially trained in the processing of capelin roe. 

Fishmeal production

Fishmeal Production Vopnafjorður

Brim operates a fish meal plant in Vopnafjörður uses electricity that is sourced from renewable energy resources. There is also a research laboratory, which performs measurements on the freshness of the fish on unloading, and the fish meal and fish oil is also analysed and graded according to quality.

The factory processes mainly trimmings of capelin, herring, blue whiting and mackerel, which come from the freezer plant. The bulk of the product is used for feed, but the factory is also certified for the production of fish liver oil for human consumption.

Fishmeal production Akranes
The company operates a fishmeal factory in Akranes for the processing of capelin and groundfish fish off-cut.

Roe production

Brim bought Vignir G. Jónsson  in 2013 and Vignir is now operated as a subsidiary company. Its main goods consist of various types of products processed from roe. The roe used in production by the company includes roe from lumpfish, capelin, flying fish, cod, haddock, ling, pollock and salmon. Development work is a major factor in the company’s operations, and the company possesses a powerful processing factory. The bulk of the production is sold to Europe and the United States. 

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