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Good catch for a short trip

‘We sailed for the Westfjords grounds in a raging storm. By the time we got there, the weather was as good as it could be and we have a 110 tonne trip for a relatively short time at sea. This trip was four days, port to port,’ said Helga María’s skipper Heimir Guðbjörnsson, docking in Reykjavík yesterday.

He said that they started fishing east of the Djúpál Gully, and worked their way east to the Thverálshorn, for some good fishing on mainly cod.
‘Then we went to the Víkurál Gully. There was good fishing there for redfish and we took our allocation for the trip,’ he said.

As has already been described on these pages, from the end of November and into December there was heavy fishing for cod on the Dohrn Bank between Iceland and Greenland.

‘The fishing slowed down, and then nobody has been to take a look for some time due to non-stop storms in that area. We’ll take a look at the Dohrn Bank when we are back at sea after Christmas,’ Heimir Guðbjörnsson said, adding that Helga María’s trip will be between Christmas and New Year.


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