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The Dohrn Bank adventure continues

´Icelandic skippers have for a long time talked about looking at this area, but nothing happened until Björgvin´s skipper Ásgeir took a look while catches were so poor on home grounds. The results were fantastic and this adventure seems to be continuing. We have done two trips there and the catch is 310 tonnes altogether,’ said Akurey´s skipper Eiríkur Jónsson, docking in Reykjavik yesterday with 130 tonnes on board. The bulk of the catch is cod. 

The area Eiríkur refers to is the Dohrn Bank, 90 to 100 nautical miles west of Látrabjarg. In the previous trip, Eiríkur and his crew filled the fishroom and this was landed on Sunday in Grundarfjörður after three days´ fishing. That was 155 tonnes of cod and 25 tonnes of other species.
‘We had always been sure there was fish to be found there, but that there should be so much and that it should be such large cod was something I hadn´t expected. A lot of this is six to ten kilo cod. We were seeing fish up to 17-18 kilos. The system in the fish processing in the factory copes well with fish up to 12-13 kilos, and we graded the larger fish to one side and I think every single one of these went into saltfish,’ Eiríkur Jónsson said, commenting that this unexpected showing of large, fine-quality cod is reminiscent of the seasonal fishery of former times.

‘The livers in these fish are amazing. I don’t think I have seen such beautiful, white cod liver before. We had 12-15 tonnes of liver in the previous trip,’ he added.


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