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Good fishing – despite patchy weather

Brim’s freezer trawler Vigri is alongside in Reykjavík after a trip that took in fishing grounds from the Reykjanesgrunn, north and east to the Kolkugrunn off Húnaflói Bay. Skipper Eythór Atli Scott is satisfied with the trip, and the green weight catch of between 1070 and 1080 tonnes, of which around half is saithe.

‘We sailed from Reykjavík on 12th October and made a start in the eastern corner of the Víkuráll Gully for some good fishing on saithe. From there we worked north-east along the bank. There wasn’t much to be had on the Hali grounds so we moved westwards to the Kópanesgrunn. There we had both saithe and cod in four days of good fishing,’ he said, and added that another job then needed doing.

‘Örfirisey suffered a breakdown and it was up to us to tow them to Ísafjörður. That worked out well, as by the time we docked there, a storm was raging on the Westfjords grounds. We sat it out for two days in Ísafjörður and when the weather improved, we went east to the Tunga grounds,’ he said, explaining that this is an area leading off the Kolkugrunn grounds, and this let them fish for a while in this area and its surroundings.

‘We called in at the Reykjafjörður Gully and the Horn Bank and had some haddock. The catch off the north was mainly saithe and cod. There’s life everywhere on the banks and clearly plenty of feed for the fish, but we didn’t see any signs of capelin off the north coast.’

Vigri docked in Reykjavík for a half-landing at the end of October, and he said that after that they stayed on southern grounds.

‘We had some heavy fishing at the top of the Skerja Deeps and on the Reykjanesgrunn. There was excellent fishing for saithe in the Skerja Deeps, and when we couldn’t fish for saithe we did well on deep redfish. We spent some time on the Mountains, and fortunately there wasn’t a lot of golden redfish. But there’s saithe there, and we had our best catch in the area known as the Savings Bank, just south of the Mountains,’ Eythór Atli Scott said, commenting that in addition to saithe, they had mainly golden and deep redfish, cod and haddock, and only small amounts of other species.

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