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Dodging golden redfish everywhere

Fresher trawler Helga María sailed from Reykjavík this evening after landing the previous trip’s 150 tonne catch. Skipper Friðleifur Einarsson is satisfied with catch rates for the days the weather has allowed them to fish, describing recent trips as being mostly a battle with the elements.

‘The Westfjords fishing grounds have been mostly off limits for weeks because of non-stop heavy weather. This time we had a window that let us start fishing in the Thveráll Gully, but we only got as far as Heiðardalur, which is off the Hali grounds, before yet another storm hit us with full force,’ he said, adding that the weather forced them to work instead off the south coast.

‘We can say that we ended up on our home grounds. Most of the time was spent on the Mountains and we had some time in the shallower end of the Skerja Deeps and then the Reykjanesgrunn grounds. There’s hardly any direct fishing now for golden redfish, as there’s so much of it that we get enough as by-catch with saithe and cod. Sadly, the scientists have other opinions, but that’s a story for another day,’ he said.

He’s satisfied overall with the way fishing has gone. There are some stringent demands, but Friðleifur Einarsson said that it’s important to look at the actual time spent fishing, as weather conditions are beyond anyone’s control.

‘It’s as well that there have been a few good showings of saithe at regular intervals, and most of our catch this time was saithe. In addition, we had golden redfish and cod. We didn’t go far enough into the Skerja Deeps to find any deep redfish,’ he said.

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