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Flat calm sea all summer long

Brim’s fresher trawler Viðey docked in Reykjavík yesterday after a successful trip to Westfjords fishing grounds. The bulk of the catch is cod, and skipper Kristján E. Gíslason said that there has hardly been a breath of wind and the sea has been as calm as a millpond – which is the way it has been all summer.

‘We’ve been on the shallow grounds off the Westfjords this summer and it’s a long time since there has been such good fishing on these grounds. The catch is mainly large, fine quality cod, and we’ve been getting catfish and plaice, as well as some saithe and haddock,’ he said, adding that they have mainly been off Patreksfjörður.

‘We have spent a lot of time in the Nes Deeps and there’s not much point working two trawls there. The shallow ground there is hard and not an easy place to work.’

Viðey’s crew took a look at the deep bank and worked from there north to the Hali grounds, but he said that fish is scarcer there and the cod are smaller than those on the shallower grounds.

‘These shallow waters have really taken us by surprise this summer. The last two summers were spent fishing off the north coast because the Westfjords grounds were completely bare of fish. Now that has completely changed,’ Kristján E. Gíslason said.


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