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Ingunn lands season’s first capelin


Ingunn AK is now steaming to Vopnafjördur with between 600 and 630 tonnes of the first capelin of the season, caught deep north of Iceland over a twenty-four hour trip.

According to skipper Gudlaugur Jónsson, they started fishing at 1800 on Thursday.


‘We started with the purse seine and had 250 tonnes in two shots before the weather worsened around midnight, and after that the conditions were too rough for purse seining. We took two tows with the trawl and hauled the second one this afternoon, and by that time the weather had worsened further so we can expect to be delayed getting to Vopnafjördur,’ Gudlaugu said when we spoke to him yesterday afternoon.


Ingunn’s capelin is free of feed, and he said it remains to be seen if any of the catch is suitable for freezing.


‘The capelin we had in the purse seine, south of the trawl box limit, is larger than the capelin further north where the capelin is fairly small. In general there wasn’t much

to be seen on the fishing grounds the time we have been out and there aren’t many marks. We only saw whales on the fishing grounds last night and we haven’t seen any today,’ Gudlaugur Jónsson said.


Ingunn started steaming at 1700 yesterday and there eleven active pelagic vessels searching for capelin.