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Lundey grounded during herring fishery

HB Grandi pelagic vessel Lundey NS suffered minor damage after grounding while fishing for herring off Hofsstadavogur in Breidafjördur on Sunday morning. Two of the sonar transducers were damaged and there are dents in the hull. The ship was floated off after water was pumped out of the bottom tanks and is now at Akranes waiting for spare parts to arrive.

According the company’s marine superintendent at Akranes, Karl Sigurjónsson, the conditions at Hofsstadavogur are difficult for vessels deploying large purse seines. Lundey had been fishing in a deep gully between the shore and the Purk islands, just off Kóngsbakki, where the water shoals rapidly on both sides. Lundey’s crew were preparing for the first shot when the incident occurred and Karl Sigurjónsson said that it was fortunate that the gear was still on board when the ship grounded.

He expects Lundey to be back at sea by next weekend.