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Capelin season coming to an end

‘There’s nothing to be had now. We shot once this morning for nothing. There are a few ships fishing here in Breidafjördur but I’ve not heard of anyone who has caught anything today. Víkingur AK had a shot of male capelin yesterday off the Westfjords while they were steaming here after landing in Vopnafjördur,’ said Albert Sveinsson, skipper of Faxi RE when we spoke to him earlier today when they were 16 nautical miles north of Öndverdarnes. Faxi arrived on fishing grounds this morning after landing its previous trip at Akranes.

‘In the last trip it took us two days to fill up, something around 1300 tonnes. Now all we can see is capelin that’s right on the bottom and we’re hoping it’ll lift later in the day. Otherwise the season is practically worked out by now and there’s no news of any capelin making its way further south along the Westfjords coast,’ Albert Sveinsson said.

There are now around 5000 tonnes left of HB Grandi’s capelin quota for this season, so assuming the fishing is not completely finished by now, this is enough for one more trip for each of the company’s pelagic vessels. Three are currently on the fishing grounds in Breidafjördur while Lundey NS is discharging at Akranes.