FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Top quality herring

HB Grandi’s processing plant in Vopnafjördur has processed a landing of herring delivered by pelagic vessel Faxi RE last week. The 800 tonnes was enough to keep production busy for three days, according to production manager Magnús Róbertsson.

The herring was caught at the beginning of last week in Breidafjördur and Faxi steamed for 30 hours with its fish to Vopnafjördur. Magnús Róbertsson said that the herring was all of excellent quality and highly suitable for human consumption. Production usage was between 45 and 50%, yielding around 400 tonnes of frozen butterfly fillets.

‘This herring is smaller than Atlanto-Scandian herring, but the main difference is that it is caught in a purse seine and this produces a higher quality than trawl-caught fish,’ Magnús Róbertsson said, commenting that this landing brings the plant’s production total up to 1200 tonnes of frozen herring so far this season.

Bridging the gap with offcuts

As HB Grandi’s other pelagic vessels, Ingunn AK and Lundey NS, are fishing in Norwegian waters, their catches are landed overseas, leaving Faxi to look after the production needs of the Vopnafjördur plant.

Magnús Róbertsson said that the long distance from the fishing grounds will make it a challenge to keep production steady with a single vessel landing to the plant.

‘But we can bridge the gap by working on frozen offcuts from HB Grandi’s factory trawlers. This raw material is mostly cod, which is salted and there is a strong market for this in Spain,’ Magnús Róbertsson said.