FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good results with pair trawling

'We are pleased with the results and the experience of pair trawling has worked out well in my opinion. The main advantage is that the fish are less likely to be spooked when the trawlers are each side of a mark with the trawl between them. When we are fishing by ourselves, we normally have to pass right over a shoal of fish that is often right on the surface, before the trawl reaches it,' says skipper Albert Sveinsson of pelagic trawler Faxi RE.

Faxi RE landed 1400 tonnes of fish for meal production at Eskifjördur yesterday morning. The fish was caught trawling with Ingunn AK. Albert Sveinsson says that fishing took place over a wide area east of Iceland.

'We are working over a big area and the fleet is very dispersed. Some of the trawlers have been working in Faroese waters, but the furthest we went in this trip was to the line Faroese EEZ limit. The herring aren't easy to find, with small marks and the fish moving fast as they search for feed. They appear to be moving north or north-west, which isn't a surprise,' he says, commenting that there are amounts of mackerel to be found, although how much there is with the herring varies. He says that in good weather and with a calm sea, it's very pleasant to see mackerel and herring in shoals on the surface.

The normal way of working while pair trawling is for the skipper who has his gear in the water to take the decisions for that haul. At the moment, all of the Icelandic pelagic fleet on herring has switched to pair trawling, with the exception of Huginn VE, which is fishing with a specially rigged trawl. Ingunn AK has a similar trawl and Albert Sveinsson says that this will be tried out soon, so they will have a better comparison of how pair trawling performs in terms of fuel consumption.