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Freezers fished 6400 tonnes of mackerel this summer

HB Grandi’s freezer trawlers did well on mackerel this summer and according to freezer fleet manager Steindór Sverrisson, they caught 6,440 tonnes of mackerel while the season lasted. There was also a by-catch of herring that came to 496 tonnes, or 7% of the overall 6,930 tonne pelagic catch.

Mackerel fishing started when Therney RE sailed on the 19th of June and Örfirisey RE followed two days later. Icelandic fishing vessels were licenced to fish in Greenland waters from July and Therney operated inside the Greenland EEZ after the 13th of July. Höfrungur III AK did not start on mackerel until mid-July and stayed in Icelandic waters like Örfirisey.

Örfirisey was the top catching HB Grandi freezer trawler with 3,145 tonnes of mackerel along with 206 tonnes of herring. Therney landed approximately 3,070 tonnes of mackerel and 225 tonnes of herring, plus 640 tonnes of mackerel caught in the Greenland EEZ. Höfrungur III caught 720 tonnes of mackerel and 65 tonnes of herring.

Being able to take part in the mackerel fishery over the summer has been an important part of making it possible to keep the trawler fleet fishing all year round. Without the mackerel fishery, it is likely that many trawlers would have to have to be laid up towards the end of the quota year.