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New Vopnafjördur factory making good progress

Some excellent progress has been made at HB Grandi’s new fishmeal plant, currently under construction in Vopnafjördur. The new building is now weatherproof and closed with the exception of a few doors that still need to be fitted. The tower over the evaporators in the old building has been taken down, but it has not yet been decided what to do with the old 900m2 factory in future, although it is likely to serve as a store.

‘We can’t be anything other than satisfied with the progress to date,’ said factory manager Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson, who added that this coming week will see a major step taken in fishmeal production in Vopnafjördur.

‘We have a freighter due here on Thursday to load all of the meal we still have in stock from this year’s production. So this should be the last time that we have to ship out fishmeal using the old system with meal trucked down to the dock in bags, where the bags are cut open and the meal allowed to drop into the ship’s hold. In future all of the meal we ship out will be pumped direct from the meal silos that were transferred to here from the factory in Reykjavík, direct to the ship. This brings about a considerable saving and an increase in efficiency. At present we need a team of 15 or 16 staff, as well as trucks as forklifts, to spend a whole day shipping out meal. In future, the pumping system and two staff will be able to handle this,’ Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson said.

The building of the new fishmeal plant is not HB Grandi’s only project in Vopnafjördur, as there are also plans to construct a new roof over the fishmeal store.

‘This is something that we can start planning once the store has been emptied. We expect the new storage building to be around 600m2,’ he said.