FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Perfect barbecue – perfect weather

HB Grandi’s annual barbecue for its Reykjavík staff took place yesterday in perfect weather. The tables were set up around the Thúfa art installation which is located by the east wall of Ísbjörninn cold store, from where there is also a magnificent view over the port area.

According to Arnbjörn Arason, who manages the company canteen at Nordurgardur, close to 350 people took part this year.

‘There were more than we had expected and here were also a lot of staff who are on summer vacation who turned up with their families. We had catered for 300, and then added for another 100. Despite the numbers, the barbecue went down perfectly and the weather certainly played a part in that,’ Arnbjörn Arason said.

This year the menu included boneless pork cutlets, pork joints, leg of lamb and sausages, along with potato salad, cole slaw, grilled sweet corn and a forest mushroom sauce. Four of the canteen’s staff served and the tables, chairs and three large grills were put in place by engineer Gardar Gardarsson and his team.