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Upswing at Vopnafjördur

This year saw a new record set at Vopnafjördur for production and freezing of pelagic products with an overall processed volume of 32,000 tonnes. This is an increase of around 14% over last year when 28,000 tonnes passed through the plant. There was likewise an increase in landed catch between years. This year 112,500 tonnes were landed at Vopnafjördur, compared to 75,700 tonnes the year before.

According to factory manager Magnús Róbertsson, 3000 tonnes of capelin were landed to Vopnafjördur last week, of which 1550 tonnes were frozen, while the last of the fish was processed yesterday afternoon. Due to the poor weather outlook, the decision has been taken to suspend fishing until the New Year and now work is concentrated on cleaning and other essential tasks at the factory.

This year the main frozen product was capelin, with around 11,800 tonnes frozen. 9200 tonnes each of herring and mackerel products were frozen, along with 1900 tonnes of capelin roe.