FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Hope for better fishing on pearlside

HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels have taken a break from fishing pearlside and all three returned to port on Saturday. As weather forecasters predicted a string of deep depressions passing Iceland’s south coast, the decision was taken to suspend fishing for a few days.

According to Gudmundur Hannesson, factory manager at the HB Grandi plant in Akranes, production from pearlside has gone well.

‘We had a few minor problems with the first two landings from trawlers that had been out for four or five days. Our experience is that trips need to be kept to three days to maintain as much as possible of the freshness of the fish. If the raw material is fresh, production is problem-free,’ Gudmundur Hannesson said. He commented that so far this season the Akranes plant has taken delivery of around 2100 tonnes of pearlside and approximately 4530 tonnes of Icelandic summer spawning herring.

The period that could be the best for fishing pearlside is still to come. Last year the marks of fish were seen to be tight enough to be fished around the middle of December and the best fishing was in the first weeks of the New Year.