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Doing well in the haddock box

‘We’re fishing on the Strand grounds where what we know as the Haddock Box was opened last Saturday. There was some excellent fishing last weekend, but the weather turned bad last night and fishing has been slower today. There have been a dozen trawlers fishing here when it was busiest, but now there are only four of us fishing here,’ said Haraldur Árnason, skipper of Höfrungur III AK, when we spoke to him at midday today.

He commented that they have been getting at best two tonnes of haddock per towing hour, and said that haddock are very good quality with very little small haddock with the catch.

Höfrungur III sailed from Reykjavík on the 10th of August and has been fishing mainly on the banks off the Hali grounds.

‘Fishing has been very good, not least on saithe. There was also a good run of redfish and there has been plenty of cod about,’ he said, adding that the saithe on the banks is good sized fish and fatter than they have seen for a couple of years.

‘Apart from that, it’s not easy for me to compare things with last year, as normally I’ve been on Venus HF in the Barents Sea. This is my first trip with Höfrungur III, so we can say that I’m always learning something new,’ he said. Venus HF was laid up this summer.