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Training boost for HB Grandi staff

With production halted over the Christmas period, HB Grandi took the opportunity to organise a series of training courses for its production staff. Around 40 staff of nine different nationalities attended three courses.

According to Bergur Einarsson, who has organised courses on HB Grandi’s behalf, the first course was held in Icelandic and attended by nine local staff and one Lithuanian. The second course was run in English and was attended by 20 staff from seven countries. These were five from the Philippines, four from Poland, four from Portugal, three from Vietnam, two from China, one from Thailand and one from Finland. The last course was attended by nine Lithuanian staff and was in their own language.

The aim of this concentrating on training in this way was to improve the staff’s knowledge of seafood handling and to improve their general skill levels and competence in fish processing. Each course lasts 40 hours and covers all of the main points relevant to their work, as set out by a training education committee. Those staff who attend courses see their earnings increase by two pay levels.

Each course covers:

Fish as a marine resource
Working practices and ergonomics
Safety in the workplace
Staff and the pay system
Co-operation in the workplace
Fisheries and the environment
Quality control in fish processing
Products and markets
Cross-cultural relations

‘Our experience indicates that staff are generally satisfied with the courses they have attended and that they believe the courses improve their understanding of the work they do,’ Bergur Einarsson said, and added that one of those attending a course recently made the comment that as soon as he understood his job better, it immediately became more enjoyable. Another commented that the course opened his eyes to the fact that it is not possible ever to relax requirements for good working practices and hygiene in the workplace.

These training courses were first held in 1987 and have since been held regularly every year.