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Good fishing on saithe

‘We’ve just taken our first haul here off the east coast. This was a short tow and something between five and six tonnes of clean saithe. We had news of some good fishing on saithe here and it certainly helps that there’s also more marketable cod that in most areas,’ said Ægir Franzson chief mate and relief skipper of freezer trawler Therney RE, when we spoke to him yesterday afternoon.

Therney is now fishing in the Berufjördur Gully along with other trawlers. According to Ægir Franzson, the trip began on the 19th of March, with a half-landing in Reykjavík on the 4th of April.

‘We started fishing on the Eldey Bank and the area further west, where we were doing very nicely on saithe and where there had been good fishing for a couple of weeks. There’s also plenty of cod and redfish, and we also had a decent by-catch of haddock. After that we had a couple of days on the Hali grounds off the westfjords looking for saithe, but without much of a result. On the other hand, there’s cod everywhere and some good fishing to be had on redfish,’ Ægir Franzson said, adding that the first half of the trip had been around 500 tonnes of raw fish.

There was still some fine fishing on the Eldey Bank when Therney sailed again. But on thursday the Selvogur Bank and the eastern end of the Skerja Deeps were closed to fishing during the cod spawning period, so Ægir said that steaming east to take advantage of the good saithe fishing there was the best choice. But what about this especially marketable cod off the east coast?

‘It may sound strange, but right now the smaller grades of cod are fetching the best prices. The largest drop in prices has been for the bigger cod. But this is still not small fish that we’re seeing here in the east, but the prime market size of around three kilos,’ Ægir Franzson said.