FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Nothing but heavy weather

'There has been constant bad weather on the Westfjords fishing grounds so far this year, with an uninterrupted north-easterly wind and storms. The conditions have affected the trawlers’ catches and Haraldur Árnason, skipper of Höfrungur III AK, said that catches have been reasonable when there have been breaks in the weather allowing them to fish.

‘We have been trying to avoid cod and haddock this trip and have been concentrating on redfish and silver smelt. Catches have been nothing to complain about when we have been able to fish,’ he said when we spoke to him as Höfrungur III was on the northern edge of the Stranda shallows around 40 nautical miles west of Kolbeinsey.

‘This is the old Greenland halibut area and the first few hauls were acceptable. We’ll have taken our third haul soon and then we’ll see if it’s worth chasing Greenland halibut any further,’ Haraldur Árnason said and added that earlier in the trip they had already tried the Greenland halibut grounds in the Víkurál Gully, but were severely hampered by the weather.

Höfrungur III has been at sea for three weeks and is scheduled to dock on the 29th of January.