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Capelin roe production at full speed

Production of frozen capelin started at HB Grandi’s Akranes factory last weekend and according to Gunnar Hermannsson, in charge of production, roe extraction and freezing have both gone well these last few days.

‘Víkingur AK was here with a capelin landing last Saturday and we started the roe extraction that night. The roe is 100% mature and production has been running perfectly,’ he said, commenting that as well as the fish from Víkingur, capelin landed by Ingunn AK and Faxi RE has also gone into roe production at Akranes. We spoke to Gunnar around midday today when Víkingur was back at the quayside, so that in spite of poor weather conditions since yesterday, production has plenty of raw material to work with.

‘The first three catches that we produced from were caught off Gardskagi, and there weren’t good fishing conditions there with this northerly weather. But Víkingur was fishing to the south off Grindavík in its last trip and although it was windy, there were no heavy seas and no problem to keep fishing,’ he said.

Production at Akranes runs around the clock, mostly on two twelve-hour shifts with around 50 staff on each shift. Production capacity is approximately 100 tonnes per 24 hours, although the roe extraction process yields larger volumes. He said that the excess that the freezers at Akranes can not cope with will be trucked overland to be frozen at Vopnafjördur, where roe production has not yet started.