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Fast capelin migration along south coast

Some heavy fishing on capelin kicked off few days ago in shallow water off Skardsfjöruviti, with capelin caught in only eight fathoms of water in some places, according to Albert Sveinsson, skipper of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Faxi RE. A number of other vessels were fishing in the same area, but a break in the fishing was expected before the weekend while some exceptionally bad weather passes over.

Faxi was on the fishing grounds on Wednesday night and had a full load of 1500 to 1550 tonnes on board by Thursday morning, when  they squared the ship away to steam to Akranes.

‘The fishing was fine, but had been patchy up to now. This is dispersed capelin and they are moving fast. We were at the western end of where the fishing was taking place and I don’t know if any reports of capelin further west than where we were. It looked to be large, good quality capelin, although I haven’t yet seen the samples to see how many fish there are per kilo,’ Albert Sveinsson said when we spoke to him as Faxi was steaming towards Akranes, where they docked. Discharging got underway as soon as the ship docked and was close to being complete by Friday morning.