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Meal silos on their way east

It was a magnificent sight at Reykjavík harbour yesterday afternoon when a tug towing a barge laden with ten 22-metre high meal silos and other equipment from HB Grandi’s decommissioned fishmeal production facility steamed out of the harbour. The silos and equipment are bound for Vopnafjördur in eastern Iceland where they are to be installed at the HB Grandi production facility there.

Here at the news page we have followed progress in moving the silos and fishmeal production equipment to Vopnafjördur and this has not been a simple operation. Each silo is as tall as a seven-storey building and for safety reasons, they have been welded to the deck of the barge. The total cargo being shipped to Vopnafjördur weighs in the region of 600 tonnes and it is expected that it will take two days to reach the destination. The tug and barge are expected in Vopnafjördur on Saturday and discharging the silos and equipment should begin on Sunday.

Hedinn hf has played a vital role in this project, in co-operation with HB Grandi staff and the Norwegian sub-contractors who are responsible for the transport aspect. Hedinn will also handle the installation of the silos and equipment in Vopnafjördur.