FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Going strong on herring in the final stretch

Following the slow fishing of last weekend and the early part of this week, things started to pick up spectacularly on the herring grounds on Tuesday night. Herring was found in the Héradsflói Deeps, around 90 nautical miles from Vopnafjördur. Now Lundey NS is alongside in Vopnafjördur with around 575 tonnes on board, taken in two hauls with Ingunn AK. As Lundey left the fishing grounds, Faxi RE took over towing duties alongside Ingunn, and according to Ingunn’s chief mate, Kristján Thorvardarson, they soon had 800 tonnes after two short tows. They are now on the way to discharge in Vopnafjördur and were due to dock at 2000.

‘This was heavy fishing and we didn’t have to tow long for a good haul,’ Kristján Thorvardarson said, adding the the herring are now clearly migrating rapidly eastwards and it won’t be long before fishing inside the Icelandic EEZ drops off again. This is no great problem for HB Grandi as at the end of today’s fishing, there were only between 800 and 900 tonnes of their Atlanto-Scandian herring quota left to be caught. The last of the quota is expected to be caught after Lundey leaves Vopnafjördur tonight to take the last few tows opposite Faxi RE.

‘This will be our last trip of the season on Atlanto-Scandian herring. After we’ve finished landing at Vopnafjördur we’re due to steam back to Reykjavík and I understand we have a maintenance slot booked on the slipway. After that it will be the Icelandic summer-spawning herring that starts around mid-October,’ Kristján Thorvardarson said.