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Herring hard to handle

HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Faxi RE is now fishing for herring in Breidafjördur and the herring are not easy to handle, according to skipper Albert Sveinsson. Faxi sailed on Thursday last week and yesterday had 950 tonnes on board. The aim is for a full trip of 1500 tonnes, but Albert Sveinsson says the herring have been harder to pin down than had been expected.

‘Conditions are difficult, to say the least. There’s been a strong offshore wind blowing the whole time and the herring are keeping close inshore where they are only catchable from sunrise and into the daytime. As soon as it starts to get dim, the herring spread themselves out and can’t be caught,’ he says, commenting that they have been fishing around Stykkishólmur.

‘We’ve been one side or the other of Stykkishólmur, in the Kidey and Breida Sounds, and we took one shot right in front of the hospital, just off the land. So far we haven’t been able to shoot at all today, and haven’t seen a herring mark yet that we can shoot around,’ he said when we spoke to him at midday today.

So far Faxi’s herring has been medium-sized fish. Four other vessels are fishing in the same area, but only one had managed to shoot and still had its gear in the water when we spoke to Albert Sveinsson.