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New flow line starts operation

A sophisticated new flow line has been taken into operation at HB Grandi’s Nordurgardur processing plant in Reykjavík. The production line was supplied by Marel and the new equipment and alterations to existing facilities around it represent an ISK 200 million investment.

According to production manager Torfi Th Thorsteinsson, the opportunity was taken to use the Christmas break when production came to a halt on 18th of December to install the new flow line. Apart from a few days at Christmas and New Year, work was in progress every day to prepare and fit the new flow line. In addition, a new pumping tank was also installed and the floors of the processing area were renewed. The flow line itself was started up on the 11th of January.

‘Installation went very well. We carried out test runs and production full started at the beginning of last week. Everything has gone well and the prospects look excellent,’ Torfi Th Thorsteinsson said.

HB Grandi’s new flow line replaces a 13-year old Marel flow line. The new system is a 24-station trimming line which includes a new dual-lane portioning machine that joins the three that the company already had in use and this will make it possible to increase portion production significantly. Four QC M6000 quality control stations have also been installed, making the quality control process entirely electronic and offering easier access to quality control records.
Many of HB Grandi’s staff have been taking part in training courses offered by Marel to familiarise them with the new production system and to allow them to make the most of the opportunities offered to improve production and quality control.