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Redfish good for January

‘This was an excellent trip in many ways. We were fishing off the west coast, mostly on redfish although we also had some cod and a bit of Greenland halibut. It was a surprise that fishing for redfish was as good as it turned out, as January has never been a good month for redfish,’ said skipper Kristinn Gestsson when HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Therney docked Thursday night in Reykjavík after a 33 day trip.

According to Kristinn Gestsson, the catch was 770 tonnes of raw material, of which 500 tonnes was redfish, mainly golden redfish (Sebastes marinus), which yielded 530 tonnes of product valued at 130 million Isl Kr.

‘Most of the trip we were on the Hampidjan grounds and the Skerja Deeps, when normally at this time of year we would have been chasing saithe and haddock. At the moment there is unusually little of both to be seen. It seems that the haddock have shifted northwards as the sea temperature has risen. It also plays a part in this that skippers are careful at this time of catching cod, and there’s always some haddock and cod that swim together. But where the saithe are; we have no idea,’ said Kristinn Gestsson.