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Ísbjörninn cold store’s arrival reduces traffic

The arrival of HB Grandi’s new Ísbjörninn refrigerated cold store at Nordurgardur has resulted in a reduction in freight traffic by road through the city of Reykjavík, with 110 fewer trips than usual so far this year. So far 1300 tonnes of frozen produce has been shipped out from the new cold store. The volume is equivalent to 55 containers, each containing 24-25 tonnes.

Before the new cold store was commissioned, trucks were used to transport containers from the Sundahöfn freight terminal to the Grandi area and back.

Landar ehf manages stevedoring services for HB Grandi, and according to managing director Reynir Daníelsson, the advent of the new Ísbjörninn cold store has ushered in a few changes.

‘The cold store was commissioned on 1st of June last year and there were immediate changes to the way frozen products were stored and shipped. Before that, we had used trucks to move refrigerated containers through the centre of the city and out to the Grandi district where they were loaded. Then the containers had to be trucked back through the city centre to the Sundahöfn freight terminal to be shipped out. This has now reduced significantly the number of trucks passing along Mýrargata and Skúlagata,’ Reynir Daníelsson said.