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Last of the summer season landed at Vopnafjördur

Lundey NS docked at Vopnafjördur this afternoon with a virtually all-herring 700 tonne catch on board. This ends the company’s allocated quotas for the summer season and brings to a close the HB Grandi fleet’s fishing on mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring.

Skipper Arnthór Hjörleifsson said that this trip had taken them a long way off to fish east of the Thors Bank.

‘We were only fifteen nautical miles from the Faroese line, 180 miles form Vopnafjördur,’ he said, adding that he is happy with the size and condition of the herring.

‘This is the biggest herring we have seen. The average weight is roughly 400 grammes and this is fine, fat fish. We were aware of some mackerel out there, but only in small amounts.’

He commented that the company’s fishing on mackerel and herring has gone well this season, as it has on previous years.

‘We started fishing two weeks after Faxi RE and Ingunn AK as there was work being done on board, but we can’t complain about catches this year. What has been a problem, for others as well as for us, it that where we were able to find clean mackerel without a by-catch of herring, those mackerel were all small on the more northerly fishing grounds. If we went after the larger mackerel, there was always a chance of a decent amount of herring with it. We concentrated on mackerel for the first part of the season, and after that we put the emphasis on herring. I have to say that I have rarely, if ever, seen as much herring as I have this season. There is also Icelandic summer spawning herring to be found everywhere and I’m sure there’s some of that in what we have landed. There is a lot of Icelandic herring off the Berufjördur Gully and away west up to the 12-mile line. We’re hoping that the herring stay here in the east when we start fishing next month, as that would save us a lot of steaming if we can fish it here instead of catching it as we usually do in Breidafjördur,’ Arnthór Hjörleifsson said.

Production ends at Vopnafjördur tomorrow

The factory at Vopnafjördur has almost finished processing the 650 tonnes of fish that Faxi RE docked with on Saturday. Before that Ingunn had called with around 800 tonnes. According to quality manager Thorgrímur Kjartansson, they expect to start landing Lundey’s fish straight away and if production continues at its usual pace, then the fish should be finished by the end of the day tomorrow.

‘Then we need to have a deep clean and all the production equipment needs to be overhauled before the Icelandic herring starts, and we expect that could start as early as the middle of next month,’ Thorgrímur Kjartansson said.