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Shipping out, and stocks low

Markets for frozen capelin products are buoyant at the moment. Yesterday saw a shipment of frozen capelin leaving Vopnafjördur and this takes the total shipped out this year to 5200 tonnes in six shipments to date. The main destinations for frozen capelin are St Petersburg, Klaipeda and various Black Sea ports.

Marketing manager Svavar Svavarsson is satisfied with the way this season has progressed.

‘Capelin production has gone well and the fish are large and the quality is excellent. Shipments have departed quickly and our stocks are now quite small in spite of production working so efficiently. As well as the frozen products, we also expect to ship out 10,000 tonnes of fishmeal and 3000 tonnes of fish oil during the first quarter of 2012,’ Svavar Svavarsson said and pointed out that the capelin season is now approaching its busiest point once the fish start to appear in large volumes in shallow waters off the south-east coast, so it is important that goods are shipped out in alongside production.

The reefer Silver Bergen, which took on frozen capelin at Vopnafjördur at the beginning of the week, was in Reykjavík last weekend to take on frozen products from HB Grandi’s production in Reykjavík and Akranes.