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New landing crane on the way and products to ship out

Two freighters are on their way to Iceland for HB Grandi. Cargo ship Ice Louise is due into Vopnafjördur from Norway with a new landing crane for the fishmeal factory, which is another factor in the programme of building up and renewing the company’s pelagic activities there. This week cargo vessel Viking Frio will dock in Reykjavík and from there will steam to Vopnafjördur to ship a variety of products for export.

Jón Helgason, the company’s sales manager in charge of pelagic species, said that Viking Frio will be in Reykjavík on Thursday this week and is expected in Vopnafjördur the following Monday. In Reykjavík the ship will take on frozen products from the HB Grandi factory trawlers and will ship herring and capelin products in Vopnafjördur. 800 to 900 tonnes of products are expected to be loaded in both ports. Viking Frio is headed for Poland and Lithuania, and Jón Helgason said that there is a strong demand for seafood products in both of these market areas.

‘Fishing is now in progress on Atlanto-Scandian herring. Our factory in Vopnafjördur has 450 tonnes of butterfly fillets and production has been doing well. There has been some feed in the fish, but that doesn’t present any problems for this production. These are large, good-quality herring, but not particularly fat, but that’s to be expected at this time of year,’ Jón Helgason said.