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1900 tonnes shipped to Eastern Europe

Last week the freighter Silver Ocean sailed from Vopnafjördur with 1900 tonnes of HB Grandi’s frozen products. The deep-frozen cargo is due to be discharged in Klaipeda on Thursday.

According to Jón Helgason, head of HB Grandi’s pelagic sales team, Silver Ocean docked first in Reykjavík to load 250 tonnes of sea frozen product before sailing for Vopnafjördur in the north-east of Iceland to take on a further 1650 tonnes.

‘This is around 1000 tonnes of frozen capelin roe, and also herring products such as frozen butterfly fillets,’ Jón Helgason explains, adding that markets in Eastern Europe have become progressively stronger in the last few years and are becoming increasingly important to HB Grandi’s activities.