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Árni Vilhjálmsson 1932-2013

Árni Vilhjálmsson, Chairman of the Board of HB Grandi hf., passed away on Tuesday morning, 5th  March at the age of 80.  Over the course of his successful career, Árni was a board member and held positions of authority in a number of companies in Iceland, both private and public. He was a professor in the School of Business at the University of Iceland from 1961 to 1998.

In 1988, Árni led a group of four companies that purchased Grandi hf. from the City of Reykjavík. At the time, the fisheries industry was in a slump and the company’s operation had been poor for a number of years. On the change in ownership, Árni undertook the position of Chairman of the Board of Grandi hf. and discharged his duties with diligence until the end.

Little needs to be said as to how good the operation and development of HB Grandi hf. has been over the years. The company has grown and prospered and currently stands on sound foundations.
We would like to give thanks for the privilege of having worked with Árni Vilhjálmsson and we send our deepest condolences to his wife, Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir, and to his daughters and their families.

Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, CEO of HB Grandi hf.
Svavar Svavarsson, Marketing Manager of HB Grandi hf.
Torfi Th. Thorsteinsson, Production Manager of HB Grandi hf.
Rúnar Thor Stefnsson, Fleet Manager of HB Grandi hf.
Jonas Gudbjornsson, Financial Manager of HB Grandi hf.