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Steaming home through the worst weather

‘I can say that we’ve taken something of a beating on the way home. The weather was terrible and we took it slowly,’ said skipper Gunnar Einarsson of HB Grandi’s trawler Sturlaugur H Bödvarsson AK when we spoke to him yesterday as the ship docked in Akranes.

This particular trip had already been cut short with a winch defect after only 24 hours on the fishing grounds, forcing Gunnar Einarsson to seek port for repairs.

‘We were on the Mountains and doing fine with about 25 tonnes of redfish so far. When the breakdown occurred, we had shifted further north to the be under the Eldey Bank, and after that we had to set a course for Akranes. Wind speeds gusted up to 30 metres per second, but we didn’t have any problems with wave height,’ he said, and added that all of the vessels that were fishing on southern grounds in the Skerja Deeps or on the Reykjanes Ridge sought shelter under Gardskagi to wait for the weather to die away.’

‘This was one of the sharpest autumn depressions I’ve seen. The forecast is for a howling gale out there tonight, so we won’t be going anywhere until the morning,’ Gunnar Einarsson said.