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Ingunn with first herring on board

Ingunn AK is now steaming to the HB Grandi factory at Vopnafjördur with between 900 and 1000 tonnes of herring caught in Breidafjördur on board. According to skipper Gudlaugur Jónsson, Ingunn is due to dock at Vopnafjördur at noon today.

‘We took the fishing gear on board in Reykjavík last Wednesday and started fishing in Breidafjördur yesterday morning. There wasn’t much to be seen and there was nothing in the first shot. Then we had a 400-450 tonnes shot, then a few tonnes and the last shot was around 1000 tonnes,’ he said, commenting that around half of this was pumped on board Beitir NK, the only other pelagic vessel on the fishing grounds along with Ingunn.

He said that the fishing area was south of Hrútey, with good-sized herring with an average weight of between 320 and 340 grammes.

The fishery on the Icelandic summer spawning herring opened recently, but so far only a few vessels have started fishing. Ingunn is the first of the HB Grandi to start the season, followed by Lundey NS which sailed today.