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Herring mostly inside Norwegian waters

Ingunn AK docked at Vopnafjördur this morning with 1300 tonnes of herring that were caught in international waters close to Norwegian territorial limits. Ingunn spent five days fishing and according to skipper Gudlaugur Jónsson, most of the catch was taken towards the end of the trip.

'There was nothing to be had for the first few days. Most of the herring has now found its way into the Norwegian zone, so there isn't much to be found in international waters. The fish were also very jumpy and difficult to handle,' says Gudlaugur Jónsson.

Ingunn's catch quality was excellent, with large grades of fish landed at Vopnafjördur, mostly 340 to 370 gramme fish. Unfortunately it hasn't been possible to process the fish for human consumption and it is all being reduced for fishmeal and oil, due to the bad weather Ingunn experienced steaming home, the trip was longer than it would otherwise have been.

Ingunn is now preparing to sail again, this time for Norwegian waters alongside Lundey NS, while Faxi RE is staying in home waters to fish for herring. According to Gudlaugur Jónsson, Ingunn is due to sail this evening. HB Grandi's vessels have 3400 tonnes of herring to catch in Norwegian waters and he says that the plan is to land this to processors in Norway.