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175 staff complete advanced training

There was a celebration at HB Grandi’s Nordurgardur factory yesterday as 120 staff in Reykjavík completed an advanced training course for fish processors. There will be a similar graduation next week at the Akranes factory as 55 staff complete the same four extra courses.

‘It’s something worth celebrating,’ said Bergur Einarsson, who oversees training courses for HB Grandi, commenting that all of the staff were given their certificates, after which a group photo was taken and there were coffee and cakes for all.

‘We had a few notable visitors; Bragi Bergsveinsson from the Federation of Icelandic Fish Processing Plants who has been the overall manager for these courses, and Ólöf Hafsteinssdóttir from research organisation Sýni, who was there to represent the instructors at the completion party,’ he said.

As we have already reported, the scope of training in both basic and advanced courses at HB Grandi has been considerable. Staff working in fish processing come from many different backgrounds and this time courses were translated into seven different languages. Basic courses have been held regularly at HB Grandi for 26 years, but in 2011 agreements were reached between staff and management to establish additional training courses for existing staff who had already completed basic training. Now these courses have been held at all three of HB Grandi’s locations as the first advanced courses were held at Vopnafjördur last spring.