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30 staff take part in training course

Now that HB Grandi’s shore based production has closed for the Christmas break, the opportunity was taken to hold training courses for staff of the production plants. Around 30 staff of nine different nationalities are taking part in two courses this time.

According to Bergur Einarsson, who is in charge of HB Grandi’s training schedule, the first course is being held in English and is to be attended by six staff from Lithuania, three from Thailand, two from Poland and two from Vietnam, as well as members of staff from Ghana, Kosovo, Mexico and Morocco. The second course is being held for eleven staff from the Philippines.

The aim of these courses is to broaden their knowledge of seafood processing and to widen their skills base in general seafood handling. Each course consists of 40 hours of teaching and covers the main themes concerned with their work and job descriptions as set out by a special training committee. On completion of the course, each member of staff is able to move up two pay grades.