FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Innovations in fishing gear presented at Hirtshals

‘It was a very interesting trip. It’s not just the developments in pelagic trawls and pelagic doors that were fascinating, but the way codends are being developed as well that show some real potential,’ said HB Grandi’s freezer fleet manager Steindór Sverrisson.

He is now in Denmark with a group of eight colleagues looking at developments in fishing gears at the SINTEF flume tank in Hirtshals. They are part of a seventy-strong group of skippers and vessel managers taking part in Hampidjan’s annual flume tank session.

According to Steindór Sverrisson, there is constant development taking place in trawl gear technology and being able to see how these gears function under the most realistic conditions possible is very positive.

‘It also makes a difference that we have here a group of people with a great deal of experience of trawl fishing and while their circumstances may differ, they can all discuss and compare notes. Among the things that there is real interest in is the system of using Thyborøn pelagic doors to square bottom trawls, which has shown good results. I’m given to understand that trawlers in Argentina that use eight different trawls for fishing from the bottom all the way to the surface are able to use the same doors all the time. There are pelagic trawls that can be used to fish practically on the bottom and it seems that this is a method of fishing that deserves attention. Other interesting items include the four panel codend. This is something that we expect great things from as it reduces the pressure on the fish, so it promotes better catch handling and leads to better product quality,’ Steindór Sverrisson said.