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HB Grandi trawlers doing well

HB Grandi’s trawlers have seen good catches through the autumn and into the winter.

According to Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson, in charge of running the company’s groundfish vessels, the only setback has been a problem with Helga María AK’s gearbox, which is now being repaired at the same time as the ship’s main engine receives a full overhaul.

‘The freezer trawlers are now in their last trip of the year, apart from Helga María being at the quayside in Reykjavík,’ said Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson, and added that Höfrungur III AK is back on traditional fishing grounds through December, which means the Westfjords Greenland halibut grounds. Therney RE, Venus HF and Örfirisey RE have been targeting mixed fish.

‘The autumn was good for the freezers and they have made some excellent landings. We have been seeing good fishing at the same time as Isl Kr prices have been high, although prices in other currencies have fallen,’ Birkir said.

Höfrungur III is scheduled to dock on the 22nd of December and the other freezer trawlers are due in the following day.


Scheduled landing in Germany

Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson said that there is no reason to complain about the company’s fresh landings.

‘Fishing has been good. There has been less saithe about than this time last year, but there has been more redfish. Sturlaugur H Bodvarsson AK is docked now and will be back fishing next week. Ottó N Thorláksson RE will do one or two more trips before Christmas, but this depends on the fishing. The ship is due to be dry docked before Christmas for a few days. Ásbjörn RE will be in today and has one more trip before Christmas. Actually we have scheduled Ásbjörn to be at sea over Christmas and to land in Bremerhaven on the 5th of January,’ he said and commented that it is many years since one of HB Grandi’s trawlers last sailed with a cargo to land overseas.