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Fine quality capelin, but sitting deep

Faxi RE and Ingunn AK docked in Vopnafjördur early this morning with around 2000 tonnes of capelin, all caught with pelagic trawls in the trawling ground north of Langanes.

According to skipper Albert Sveinsson on Faxi, this is good sized, excellent quality capelin with virtually no feed in it, but the problem is that outside the trawl area, the capelin are sitting so deep as to be virtually uncatchable in a purse seine.

‘There are marks everywhere on good marks, but west of the trawl area the capelin are deep. They are from 50 fathoms down to 80-90 fathoms, even in the pitch dark,’ he said, and commented that the capelin seem to be strong. The fish are large and their last sample of fish showed an average of 33 to the kilo.

There are now a number of pelagic vessels on the grounds, and he said that when the largest number was there, or around 17 vessels, things were tight. Greenlandic pelagic vessel Erika also arrived on the fishing grounds last night, but Albert Sveinsson said that he had not heard any reports of their progress.

The first capelin landing of the year, delivered to Vopnafjördur by Lundey NS, has now been processed and they are back on the fishing grounds. Ingunn’s catch is being landed now and Faxi is behind it in the queue once Ingunn’s fish is all ashore.