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Constant quality management

As we have already reported, earlier this year quality standards at HB Grandi’s factories in Reykjavík, Akranes and Vopnafjördur have all been given a thorough audit. This has been done in accordance with internationally accepted International Food Standards (IFS) requirements, and in January this year all three factories passed easily with a 98% pass mark. This puts production and procedures at all three locations into the top quality bracket and the aim is to keep them there.

According to Bergur Einarsson, in charge quality control at HB Grandi’s shore processing facilities, the company has a policy of constant examination and development of its quality procedures. He said that the audit results had been especially positive as the IFS standards are those required by the main European Union retail chains, which have agreed on them to ensure healthy and safe foodstuffs as well as to ensure traceability and reliability as regards delivery and information about those foodstuffs.

‘At the processing facilities in Reykjavík and Akranes, the pelagic processing plant in Vopnafjördur and the roe production at Akranes the IFS system is followed rigorously. The new IFS Food Version 6 was introduced last June. There are a few changes compared to the previous standards, but the main change is that a new chapter, “Food Defence and External Inspections,” that has been added and this addresses food safety in particular. Right now there is an IFS audit in progress at all three locations, as well as which a quality work is also being carried out at the fishmeal plants in Vopnafjördur and Akranes,’ Bergur Einarsson said, adding that he and Sturlaugur Dadason are overseeing these quality audits in co-operation with staff at each factory.

In addition, refresher training is carried out every year for HB Grandi staff, with the emphasis very much on quality issues. Basic courses have been held every year for the last twenty years and this coming December the first advanced course will also be held. The aim is for all staff at HB Grandi’s shore processing plants should attend this course.