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Quarter of herring and mackerel quotas caught

Lundey NS is now in port at Vopnafjördur after docking last night with 480 tonnes of mackerel on board, caught in three hauls. The fish are a good size at an average of 450 grammes although the fish also contain an amount of feed, according to skipper Arnthór Hjörleifsson.

‘There is mackerel over a very wide area and even though there wasn’t a great deal of heavy marks, there was no problem to catch them. These 480 tonnes were all caught on the same plotter tracks. In the trip before we were fishing in the Rose Garden where there was a very large shoal that it took only half an our to take 200 tonnes from. That mackerel turned out to be on the small side and the average wasn’t much over 320 grammes,’ Arnthór Hjörleifsson said, adding that in the last few trips the emphasis has been on taking mackerel to start with, while at the start of the season there was more concentration on catching herring.

The rest of the HB Grandi fleet is at sea. Ingunn AK sailed from Vopnafjördur last night for fishing grounds and Faxi RE is steaming in to land with fish on board. Lundey’s fish will all have been processed tomorrow, when the ship will head back to the fishing grounds. Including Lundey’s latest landing, the company fleet has now landed around 8000 tonnes of herring and mackerel of the 32,000 tonne quotas the company has available for these species. Production at Vopnafjördur has been going very well and so far 4000 tonnes of herring and mackerel products have been frozen at the plant.