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Cod slaughter going well

The planned slaughter of farmed cod at HB Grandi’s aquaculture facility in Berufjörður (Djúpivogur) is progressing well. The slaughter began this week and is continuing today.

Production from this farmed cod is already in progress at HB Grandi’s processing plant in Akranes, which already shipped some fresh farmed cod products out yesterday to overseas markets by air where they are today in the chiller cabinets of retail outlets.

‘It’s all going according to plan. The fish are in good condition although the average weight is slightly lower than we had expected from our samples at around 2kg,’ said Kristján Ingimarsson, head of HB Grandi’s aquaculture division. He explained that 20 tonnes are to be slaughtered this time and a further 30 tonnes will be taken in the New Year.
The fish are bled immediately when they leave the cages at Berufjördur. From there they are taken to fish processor Ósnes in Djúpivogur for gutting and cleaning, after which they are transported to HB Grandi in Akranes.

Production manager Thröstur Reynisson says that processing the farmed cod has gone well, with the largest part of production being fresh loins for the Belgian market while other fillet sections are frozen.