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Doing well on herring and mackerel

HB Grandi's fleet has been fishing well on herring and mackerel. Last Sunday Ingunn AK landed a 2000 tonne catch in Vopnafjördur and Lundey NS is expected early tomorrow morning with a full load.

According to HB Grandi's pelagic division assisting manager, Ingimundur Ingimundarsson, the trawlers have been fishing east of Stokksnes, about 100 miles off and close to the Faroese/Icelandic EEZ line, which is roughly 12 hours' steaming time from Vopnafjördur.

"Faxi RE and Lundey NS are now fishing together and are on their last tow," Ingimundur Ingimundsson said this morning, when Lundey was just 200 tonnes shot of a full load. As soon as this had been pumped on board, Lundey set course to land in Vopnafjördur.

According to foreman Jörgen Sverrisson at HB Grandi's fishmeal production plant in Vopnafjördur, currently standing in for the factory manager, a total of 13,00 tonnes of herring and mackerel have been received this season, of which around half has been mackerel.

'This is all excellent raw material and usage in fishmeal production has been very good," Jörgen Sverrisson says.