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Landing queue for HB Grandi staff

HB Grandi’s staff who look after discharging the company vessels’ catches have been busy with both freezer and fresher trawlers docking over the past few days and two more due later this week.

‘There’s plenty to keep us busy right now,’ said Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson, manager of vessel operations, when we spoke to him.

The spate of landings kicked off last Saturday with freezer trawler Helga María AK docking, closely followed by fresher trawler Ásbjörn RE. Freezer trawler Venus docked the next day and fresher trawlers Sturlaugur H Bödvarson and Ottó N Thorláksson were alongside on Monday morning. Freezer trawler Örfirisey RE is scheduled to be in Reykjavík today and freezer trawler Höfrungur III is expected on Thursday.

The season for deep sea redfish is now fast approaching and HB Grandi’s factory trawler Therney RE was the first of the company’s vessels to sail for this fishery and on Monday was fishing 130 nautical miles south of the 200 mile EEZ limit. According to Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson, fishing started slowly and there is presently bad weather on the fishing grounds.